Continuous Improvement

Ming Quan Composite Material strives to set industry standard for excellence in manufacturing of composite laminates. Establish and maintain long-term partnerships with customers worldwide. The focus point of our quality policy is to continuously achieve higher value in every product we produce.

  From the Bottom Up  
All employees of Ming Quan Composite Material are required to constantly evaluate and improve the quality of their work. This allows customers to vest full confidence in our ability to deliver value-added products and prompt service.
  Quality Certification and Recognition  
Ming Quan Composite Material has been known to deliver the highest quality products since the company's inception. In 2006 , we introduced color printed film and laminates. In March 2006 , we became the first Chinese laminate manufacturer to formulate our own proprietary heat-sealable adhesive for the making of fusiable laminates used in co-axial cables. In February of 2013 , we successfully mass-produced acrylic adhesive coating on foil, film, paper, fabric and specialty laminates.

  The point is made clear, Ming Quan Composite Material is your top quality partner in the lamination and coating material industry.