Ming Quan Composite Material provides complete state-of-the-art fabrication and lamination capabilities, utilizing high-precision equipments and high-quality adhesive systems.  
  We can convert your material from jumbo rolls into a variety of useful finished goods includingˇG  
  • Tape Coils
  • Die-cut/Kiss-cut parts
  • Adhesive laminated rolls
  • Multi-layer laminates
  • Adhesive coated w/ release liner
  Our fabrication equipment includes:  
  • Slitting Machines
    Convert your master rolls into coils as narrow as 5mm depending upon material and adhesive setup.
  • Kiss-cutting Machines
    Precision kiss-cutters to assure accuracy and repeatability at high speeds.
  • Die-cut Machines
    Automatic Traveling Head presses to provide excellent material yield and quality.
  • Heat Assisted Laminators
    Provides a uniform and consistent fusible bonding.