1. Foil/Film Laminates 2. Acrylic Adhesive Coating 3. Conductive Adhesive Coating
4. Conductive Fabric    
EMI protection and ground planes at both board and enclosure levels can be provided by laminates of metal foil and dielectric film. A laminate's foil layer provides 10-60 dB of EMI shielding at 1 Mhz - 1 Ghz when properly grounded. Insulation, scratch and puncture resistance, flame resistance and flexibility are provided by film layers.

Ground planes and laminate shields can include die-cut shapes, edges and holes for custom fitting. Also, scoring creates folding options for enclosure shapes and allows for specific areas of exposed foil to be used as grounding tabs for component grounding.

Ming Quan Composite Material can provide a variety of laminates made from copper, aluminum and Polyester, Nomex® and Kapton® as well as foams such as Poron® foam and low-density polyurethane. We can also supply custom slit tapes, conductive fabric tapes, shielding and ground straps. We also manufacture a number of other specialty laminate tapes.