1. Vacuum-Sealed Bag: High tensile strength, impermeability to gas and moisture.
  2. High-retort Pouch: Typically used in packaging of pre-cooke frozen food
  3. Customized Pouch: Stand-up pouch, Gusset bag and zipper seal are also available.
  4. Sterile Packaging: Ideal packaging of medical equipment and surgical accessories.
  5. Amorphous Plastic: Thermo-forming films for Auto Fill-Seal system pack
  6. Laminated Foil/Film: Lamination of films converted to bags or roll stock.
  7. PE, EAA and Surlyn Monolayer polymer films for skin pack or fusible application.
Ming Quan Composite Material is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging in China. The primary market for our products is the food industry, other markets include medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and a variety of other industrial end uses. We hold a strong position in many of its markets and actively seeks new market segments where its technical skill and other capabilities provide a competitive advantage.

Our product team has a strong technical base in polymer chemistry, film making, coating, laminating, as well as printing and converting. These capabilities are being integrated to provide greater innovation and accelerated growth in our core businesses.