Ming Quan Composite Material regards environmental management and preservation of resources to be of great importance. In the recent years , Our offices and factories in China and Taiwan has implemented a number of pollutant restriction acts.


  Ming Quan Composite Material will continue to practice the following commitments ĄG  
  1. Resolve environmental and preservation issues spontaneously.
  2. To consider pollution prevention at all time and place.
  3. All facilities and products to meet with government regulations.
  4. Participate in government's environmental preservation programs.
  5. To establish and audit activities, products and service which helps to lower impacts on the environment.
  6. Support programs that meets ideal of improving the environment.
  7. To inform office and factory employees, contractors, suppliers of this policy. Enable a good understanding of our commitments to protecting the environment.
  8. Provide suitable training and resources to employees , which would help to actively accomplish our environmental duties and targets.